We get asked this question a lot. Can we be really honest with our answer? No...one treatment just isn't enough when it comes to an infestation of ants in your home.

Ants like Odorous House Ants or Pharaoh Ants build huge colonies. A Pharaoh Ant colony can consist of a network of many nests with multiple queens. Carpenter ants move in swiftly can make quick work of wood around window frames and other structures. So while one treatment visit might take care of the first wave of visible ants you found in your pantry, the rest of the gang will most likely be back in a short period of time.

In fact, this is the case with a lot of indoor pests, including roaches and rodents. Once these critters set up shop, persistence is required in order to eliminate the problem.

Recurring Problems require Recurring Service.

When you call us to treat for ants, or any other sort of infestation, we'll typically tell you that one visit won't be enough to solve the problem. It's our honest opinion based on years of pest control service. In our experience, treating your home on a quarterly basis is the best way to keep pests at bay once you've seen evidence of invasion.

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