How To Keep Mosquito Populations Down
Mosquitoes: nobody likes them. These insects are worse than pests; they spread disease. The flu kills between 10k and 60k people a year in America alone. Meanwhile, Malaria spread by mosquitoes in Africa kills a million people a year--many of them children. Maybe if those in Africa were the only ones who suffered from mosquitoes, the bugs could simply be ignored in America; but a few years ago the little insects started bringing the fatal West Nile Virus.

No, mosquitoes are more than pests; they're a clear and present danger, and you want to do everything you can to discourage them from breeding on your premises. Following we'll explore a few ways you might be "growing" new mosquitoes, and what you can do to stop that:

  • Standing Water Represents A Mosquito Nursery: Get Rid Of Standing Water
  • Does Your Backyard Pond Have No Mosquito Predators? Get Some!
  • When You See Mosquito Larvae, Kill Them
  • Clean Algae From Ponds

Standing Water Represents A Mosquito Nursery: Get Rid Of Standing Water
Mosquito larvae flourish in any standing water--even just a few millimeters around the lip of a potted plant. Get rid of all standing water as fast as you can, and assure you make a habit of regularly clearing standing water from your premises--include both the front and back yard.

Does Your Backyard Pond Have No Mosquito Predators? Get Some!
You can actually buy mosquito predators, like Green Wings, to eat the bugs up. Other predators include bats, birds, fish, guppies, goldfish, bluegill, catfish, and bass. Frogs eat mosquitoes too, but not as much as fish. Dragonflies and damselflies also eat mosquitoes for lunch regularly.

When You See Mosquito Larvae, Kill Them
It's easy to see little creatures swimming around in water outside, then ignore or forget about them. Don't. If you see mosquito larvae, kill them. Here's what they look like.

Clean Algae From Ponds
The "milk" of mosquito larvae is naturally occurring algae in bodies of water. If you've got a pond in the backyard full of fish, be sure to regularly clean the "scum" and "algae" from the sides to deprive mosquito babies of food.

Win Your War Against These Winged Blood-Sucking Menaces!
You can have a pond in the back yard, but you should stock it with mosquito predators and clean all the algae. Whenever you see mosquito larvae, send the little worms to meet their maker. Also, standing water in general should be prohibited from existing in your backyard. Lastly, if the problem is dire enough, you might get mosquito predators shipped in from the web to help handle the problem. These and steps like these are your best bet in naturally reducing mosquito populations.

Are you growing more mosquitoes?  Mosquito Prevention and mosquito control are necessary.  Call today for a mosquito treatment.