rodent controlHow Do Animals Invade Your Home?

Squirrels and mice are some of the cutest creatures alive. Watching them outside your home, on trees and sidewalks is fun, but their adorable nature quickly fades once they step indoors. Wild animals destroy property and also spread diseases such as rabies. They also bring other pests such as fleas into your home.

Preventing these wild creatures from entering your home is the best way to avoid problems. Here are some of the places wild animals use to invade your home.

  1. Chimneys

Animals that can climb such as squirrels and raccoons can sneak into your home through open chimneys. Bats can also take refuge inside your chimney. Installing a chimney cap and placing a mesh wire at the top of your chimney restricts access. Remember also to check if your chimney cap is broken, especially is your house is old.

  1. Roof vents

Open roof vents are also possible points of entry for critters. During cold months, animals seek shelter inside warm places. Once they feel the warm air coming out of your air vents, they’ll slip inside. Squirrels may even chew through your mesh to get inside. During warmer periods, when it’s too hot for animals to stay indoors, ensure you find a pest control experts to check your roof.

wild animal control

  1. Construction gaps

Construction gaps are some of the most common entry points for birds, squirrels, and snakes. If you see the light shining from the space between the attic and the roof, you most likely have a construction gap.  You can seal these spaces with galvanized metal flashing or mesh depending on the location of the gap.

  1. Fallen Fascia and Soffit Boards

Soffit and fascia boards protect your roof from invasion. The underside of overhanging eaves is a suitable nesting place for birds. They can raise their young right on your roof. Rats, mice and bats can also hide in these spaces, or use them to get inside the house. Spiders can also create unpleasant webs on your roof.

  1. Holes Below the House

Rats, skunks, and squirrels are notorious for digging holes under homes. The animals create a habitat under your house and come out during the day or night for food. It’s best to contact a professional to check if the animal is dangerous and proceed with squirrel control.

Wild Animal and Rodent Control

Large animals are harmful and dangerous to remove alone. Contact SafeHaven Pest Control for professional wild animal management.