Preventive Pest Control in Dallas, TX

When you hear of pests, the first thing that you are likely to think of is insects or bugs. A pest is any kind of insect, rodent, or wildlife that invades your home or business, causing any kind of damage or increases your risk of contracting an illness or disease. Pest control involves the management or removal of pests from your house or business. There are many ways of controlling pests. They can either be killed or repelled. The best method of pest control is prevention. By observing certain standard practices around your home, you can avoid the losses incurred by infestations and keep your home free from pests.

Pest Control Services in Dallas

Nobody wants to see creepy crawlers in their homes. But unfortunately, we already encounter a fair share of pests here in Dallas, TX. There are many of them, from wood-destroying termites and disease-spreading mosquitoes to stinging ants. Partnering with a pest control company in Dallas is key in managing pests on your property.

Conversely, most people wait until they see pests in their homes or businesses to start control measures. Unbeknown to many is that many pests will have already done a lot of damage before you realize it. Don't wait until you see rats or bugs on your property to contact an exterminator in Dallas. SafeHaven Pest Control is a leader in the Dallas pest control company. 

Whether you think rodents, bugs, or roaches have found their way to your property or want to avoid pest infestation in new or old property, SafeHaven Pest Control goes beyond the basic pest control measures. We offer top-rated customized, comprehensive preventive programs. 

Residential Pest Control

Your residential property should be a haven for your family and guests. However, when pest gets into your residence, they can make your home inhabitable anymore.

A leading provider in pest control like SafeHaven can help you get rid of unwanted crawling or flying nuisances like venomous spiders, mice, ants, squirrels, and raccoons. Infestation of these pests can damage your valuable assets — that is why you don't have to wait until you spot a rat in your garage or kitchen to act. SafeHaven Pest Control has the latest solutions for protecting your residential property from infestation.

Pest Control for Schools

We all want our children to learn in a clean and safe environment, free from foreign materials and animals. Still, school premises can be the best target for pests like rodents and roaches due to ideal hideouts and plenty of materials to eat. 


At SafeHaven Pest Control, we provide effective proactive pest control services for schools. Our trained experts know possible hideouts for pests, which is why we are the leading pest control company in Dallas school districts. 


No matter the size of your school, if the property has openings to the outside, it's hard not to find some pests. SafeHaven can offer an affordable, tailored school pest control program that doesn't affect your school programs. 

Pest Control for Builders

Building sites are nothing short of pest breeding grounds. In addition to providing rodent habitat, your new construction site could have multiple species of pests. 

With Dallas's current high land rates, you can't imagine pests ruining your investment or building contract. The problem caused by pests in a building site goes beyond the few nuisances caused by birds and rodents — pests can cause serious health issues for builders.

A pest control company in Dallas, like SafeHaven, can help exterminate a building site before and during construction. In addition, we provide termite pretreatment on construction projects to prevent the manifestation of these pests. 

Affordable and Convenient Pest Control Packages for Dallas Homeowners

As a homeowner, you must ensure your investment is free from all types of pests. However, you don't have to spend all your savings on a pest control company in Dallas. SafeHaven Pest Control provides affordable and effective pest control packages for small and large homes in Dallas and surrounding areas. Here are some of the best packages:

Ruby Pest Control Package

The Ruby bundle is an effective pocket-friendly package for homeowners seeking preventative packages. SafeHaven's experts will provide preventive maintenance for around 25 common invading pests in Dallas, TX. The package involves regular treatment of your home exterior. Treatment is done every four months, but if any of the 25 pests in the package invade your home in between, we will schedule an interior treatment at no extra charge. 

This package covers all DFW region roaches except carpenter ants and non-venomous spiders, apart from the brown recluse and black widow. This package will cost you as low as $42 for homes not more than 4,000 sq. ft.

Sapphire Pest Control Package

If you want a more comprehensive package, Sapphire is good for you. This package includes all pets in the Ruby package, carpenter ants, brown recluse and brown widow spiders, wasps, scorpions, and boxelder bugs. It also covers your entire yard up to 5000 sq. ft. All these services cost as low as $69 monthly.

This package's services are offered quarterly, with one more scheduled than the Ruby package. It also includes rodent baiting programs and home interior control at no additional charge.

Emerald Pest Control Package

Emerald is ideal if you've subscribed for the Sapphire package, but mosquitoes are a concern in your home. It covers all services in the Sapphire in addition to monthly mosquito yard spray from April through September. We use an all-natural Mosquito Max repellent that is highly effective and safe for your family and pets. We can also use traditional mosquito products at customer request at no additional cost. The Emerald package will cost you $171 monthly.

Diamond Pest Control Package

The Diamond package is the highest protection at SafeHaven Pest Control if you like things at a premium. This exclusive package includes protection offered by all the other three and two In2Care mosquito traps installed and maintained monthly at no additional cost. 

SafeHaven also offers animal control, such as raccoons, possums, honey bees, or skunk control, as part of the package. The diamond package attracts as low as $214 monthly.

Professional Mosquito & Pest Control in Dallas

SafeHaven Pest Control has distinguished itself as a leading pest control service in Dallas, Texas. If you are looking for methods of pest control that will get rid of rodents, wildlife, mosquitoes, bed bugs, and termites, you can count on us. Whether the pests have invaded your home or office, or you want to avoid pest infestations in new constructions and pre-treatments for new dwellings, SafeHaven has what it takes to make it worth your while.  

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