bed bug, bed bug controlBed bugs survive on human and animal blood. They tend to attack when you're sleeping, and the bite is irritating. Bed bugs are a unique species as they can last for up to 7 months without sucking blood. They can hide in your couch, bed cracks, and crevices for 7 months waiting for you to come home. Thus, starving them isn’t an effective control method as it would take more than 7 months to starve these insects to death.

Their bites are painless, but they soon become itchy. Unlike mosquitoes, bed bugs don't transmit diseases. Bed bugs often originate from public areas that are frequented by almost anyone. These public places include hotels, schools, cruise ships, resorts, etc.

How do you identify bed bugs in Forney Tx?

Bed bugs are quite subtle with their bites as they inject two compounds in your blood. One acts as an anesthetic while the other acts as an anticoagulant. You will probably not feel the bite until days later when you notice bite marks or a swollen area due to the constant itch.

The reaction to bite marks is different for everyone; some will not feel anything; some will develop bite marks while others may react differently due to allergies.

It’s hard to differentiate the bed bug bites and mosquito bites, but you can look for other clues such as bed bug exoskeletons lying around the house. These exoskeletons are often a sign if molting. You can look in your bed for bed bugs. They are tiny brown insects that hide between sheets or in the fold of your mattress. Also, be on the lookout for blood spots as their fecal matter tends to contain blood.

How do you exterminate bed bugs in Forney Tx?

The best option is professional pest control. Bed bugs are a public health issue, and while they can't transmit diseases, they can spread easily from one area to another. It's hard to exterminate these pests as they only need a few bed bugs to grow their numbers. It’s the same way you carry two or three bed bugs from the hotel, and they later become a menace in your home. 

Some prefer to get rid of infested furniture and replace the furniture. However, this might not solve your infestation problem. A more practical option would be to spray all the infested furniture with insecticides.

Non-chemical methods include starving them to death, but as mentioned earlier, it will take months to accomplish this feat.


Every time you sleep in hotels, use restaurants, or any other place that you suspect has bed bugs, leave your luggage in your garage. Clean your clothes and any other item that is washable. Other items that aren't washable are placed in the clothes dryer for 30 minutes. Ensure that the dryer is set on the highest heat setting. This will kill all stages of bed bugs, including the eggs.


Contact experts in Forney, Texas if you have a bed bug problem. They will advise you on the best pest control measure. Allow the exterminator to inspect your home before you take any drastic measures.

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