Mosquito Bites On Kid Leg

It’s widely known that adult mosquitoes breed in water. What most people forget, though, is that mosquitoes can breed beyond lakes and ponds. Stagnant water is sufficient for female mosquitoes to lay their eggs. In the water, the eggs hatch into larvae which then develops into adult mosquitoes. Here are some of the secret places where mosquitoes breed. 

Neglected Swimming Pools

Splashing in the pool is fun when the water is clean and flowing. Once the fun is over, remember to drain the pool because the stagnant water creates a breeding site for mosquitoes. Permanent pools that are either closed down for the season or just opened for the warm weather are also excellent breeding grounds for mosquitoes. If you cannot drain the pool, get a secure cover and ensure that there are no gaps. You can also drain the top water where mosquitoes lay their eggs, or constantly clean the pool with appropriate chemicals.

Air Conditioner Drip Pan

An air conditioner drip tray sits right below the evaporator coils and collects the moisture dripping from your unit. Usually, the water drains from the pan to a drainpipe and safely out of your house. However, during summer months, condensation increases and the pan may flood due to mold, algae and dirt clogging the drain pipe. The stagnant water on the tray is a suitable location for mosquitoes to breed. Ensure that you regularly check your AC drip pans and drainage pipes for stagnant water.

Storm Drains and Ditches

Water that accumulates inside storm drains and ditches, especially corrugated drains, is suitable for breeding. In instances where designs are unchangeable, it’s best to use insecticide. You should also drain the water inside, if possible.

Ponds and Birdbaths

Mosquitoes can also breed inside ponds and birdbaths since the water inside is stagnant. To prevent mosquito larvae from flourishing in your pond or birdbath, keep the water flowing. You can introduce an aerator or a small fountain. You should also clean out the algae inside the water, if possible. Mosquito larvae feed on algae, and eliminating the food source can discourage breeding.

Besides baths and ponds, mosquitoes can also breed inside tins, tires, tree holes, hollow logs, and hollow toys with stagnant water. If you identify any of these items in your yard, check for water.

How To Deal With a Mosquito Infestation

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