Protecting a new housing investment has never been so important.  With the Dallas, TX,  housing market growing the way it is, builders are doing whatever they can to assure buyers of the need to protect their properties from unwanted calamities. 

One way to reassure your construction customers is to demonstrate the care that is taken to protect their hard-earned money and futures.  We suggest builders offer termite pretreatment on new construction projects to ward off these dangerous pests before they ever become a problem. 

What makes termite pretreatment so essential?

Termites are tiny but mighty.  They wreak havoc and destroy homes, flippantly costing billions of dollars each year in residential damages.  Pretreatment for termites on new construction sites not only protects the investment made, but it can also increase the value of the property.  New homeowners can rest assured that termites are a 'non-issue' and termite damage will not turn up on a home inspection if they should decide to sell their home.  

What do homeowners need to know about termites?

Though termite protection may not be a popular topic for polite conversation, homeowners need to know what kind of damage termites can do to a new or existing structure.  Termites feed primarily on wood, but a true infestation can consume other things in and around the home.  They can wreak havoc on trees and shrubs, insulation, and even books or furniture.  They also destroy foundations, walls, and roof supports.  A typical termite colony can consume a pound of wood each day.

Damage caused by termites will show up in home inspections, and the cost of repairs for damage can be astronomical. Termite damage can also cause the loss of a sale.  Homeowner's insurance usually does not cover damage done by termites, so repairs are usually an out-of-pocket expense for homeowners.  

Ask your contractor about termite pretreatment services from SafeHaven Pest Control before building your home. 

Can a concrete slab be treated for termites?

Though termites do not consume the concrete, pretreatment assures that the pest won't crawl up the wooden framework or trees and shrubs around the home.  Be sure any construction site is free from wooden debris that sometimes gets buried.

Who needs termite pretreatment in the Dallas area?

Builders, contractors,  and homeowners need to be aware of pretreatment for termites, particularly in our Texas climate.  Awareness and education are essential to make the best choices in pest control.

There are generally two types of termite control applications for pretreatment.  One is to chemically spray the area during certain construction phases.  The chemical spray kills the termites on contact or when later consumed.  The treatment must be scheduled so that workers are not exposed to the chemicals, and special attention needs to be given to the weather forecast.  Applications are often spotty, leaving areas exposed and giving access to termites.

SafeHaven Pest Control uses a safe, effective product called Sentricon.  Sentricon is a bait application that is visible and does not break down over time.  It kills termites and keeps them at bay for the home and property.  It can be installed at any time and will not expose workers or others to harmful chemicals.  As a builder, you never have to worry about the weather or crew scheduling delays because of chemical applications.

Why should I choose SafeHaven Pest Control for termite pretreatment?

SafeHaven has been in business since 1955, offering optimal service and expertise to Dallas, Texas customers.  Our focus is on keeping your family healthy and safe, and we treat your home with care and respect.  We use an organic approach and utilize natural methods for pest control to keep you and your family safe. 

Our staff has many collective years of experience, education, and on-the-job training.  We treat your home, family, and pets with the same consideration and care that we treat our own.  Our customers love our service and the products that keep their homes safe and termite free.  Check out what they are saying!

How can I schedule my own termite pretreatment?

If you would like to schedule your termite pretreatment, you can contact us through our website or give us a call at (214) 531-3160.  Our customer service representatives will answer your questions, speak with you about our pricing bundles, and help schedule your appointment.  

What can I expect from my termite pretreatment?

Whether you are a contractor responsible for many projects or an independent homeowner wanting to protect your investment, you can always expect the same great service and protection from SafeHaven Pest Control.  Our technicians can answer your questions, protect your property and add value to your home.  You need not worry about scheduling around our installation.  We make it easy for you to keep your home and worksite termite-free.

SafeHaven Pest Control

These days, termite pretreatment in Dallas, Texas has become less of an option and more of a necessity.  In our climate, termites can easily nest and destroy a structure, costing homeowners repair and replacement costs that can end up in the thousands of dollars.  It is easy to prevent infestation by scheduling a pretreatment with SafeHaven Pest Control today!

We provide termite pre-treat services that meets the unique needs of custom and production homebuilders in Texas.   Join the many homebuilders that have given their home buyers the white glove service offered by SafeHaven Pest Control, you have a choice.

Why is Sentricon better than what you are doing now?

  1. Added value for the homebuyer.
  2. Will not interrupt the building process.
  3. Will not expose workers or others to chemicals.
  4. Not affected by weather.
  5. Visible and will not break down over time.
  6. Flat rate $250.00 installation of the Sentricon Always Active Termite Elimination System.



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