SafeHaven performs a variety of services related to abatement and removal of not-so-common pests. Here are a few:

carpenter_ant_sm__quarter-widthCarpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants are classified as Wood Destroying Insects and, just as termites, should be treated whenever found. The two species of carpenter ants we most often deal with in North Texas rarely do as much structural damage as their cousins in other states farther north. The colonies are typically not too large and damage is usually localized.

The symptom most often reported by our customers is the accumulation of frass (debris) on curtains, window sill, baseboards, or floor. Carpenter ants have a literal dump where they deposit debris from excavating and trash from the colony. Customers will clean the affected area only to have the frass reappear in a few days.

Treatment is usually performed with dusts, borate foams, natural baits, and liquid residual applications. Usually one application is made with a possible follow up for large infestations. Usually a thirty, sixty, or ninety day guarantee is given depending on colony size and area of infestation.

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Many customers call us to remedy a flea problem in their home or landscape. Flea treatments typically involve multi-step treatments with an emphasis on customer cooperation.

Preparation for Treatment -If animals are involved, it is imperative they are removed from the premises and treated for fleas (preferably on the day of our treatment). The pet bedding must be washed in the hottest water the fabric will accept. The carpeted areas of the property must be vacuumed about 1-2 hours before our arrival and the vacuum bag placed in the trash OUTSIDE the home.

Read our comprehensive preparation guide HERE and download the checklist.

Green Flea Treatment

We treat the home with organic products and pets and people remain out of the home for at least two and a half hours after completion of our treatment. Vacuum carpets the next morning and dispose of bag. Vacuum carpet two days after treatment and dispose of bag.

Customers who follow this seemingly strict list have no need for additional flea treatments. If deemed necessary, we treat the shaded areas of the yard and lounge areas of pets.

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Conventional Program: Our season-long service is $225 with 1 acre or less of coverage and includes a 12 month warranty.

Green Program: Our green season-long service is $270 with 1 acre or less of coverage and includes a 12 month warranty.


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