Mosquitoes are some of the most annoying pests. They buzz in your ears, bite your ankles and sometimes, your face when you’re asleep. Unfortunately, biting isn’t the only harmful impact mosquitoes have. They can spread diseases such as the Zika virus and yellow fever.

There are more than 3,000 mosquito species in the world and around 176 of them in the United States. You can find mosquitoes in states such as Florida, California, Hawaii, Maine and Minnesota. They usually live in warm regions, especially close to water bodies.

In the warm months, mosquitoes increase in number, which makes them impossible to ignore. Unfortunately, there are only so many mosquitoes you can swat.  It’s, therefore, essential to have a plan that eliminates mosquitoes and mosquito larvae around your home.

Spraying Mosquitoes

Spraying pesticides in your yard and around your house is an effective way to eliminate mosquitoes. Unfortunately, spraying by hand is tiring, ineffective and expensive for large areas. Finding a larger sprayer is the best way to eliminate mosquitoes.

Fortunately, there are mosquito backpack sprayers in the market that are ideal for eliminating these pests. The sprayer has a container and a backpack structure that you can mount on your back. You can spray more than 3 gallons of pesticide at once without switching bottles.

Backpack sprayers are designed to produce a fine mist of liquid that settles on all surfaces. Hand spraying is less effective because it has a smaller range. However, with a backpack sprayer, you can reach all the corners and plants in your yard.

Once the chemical is released from the nozzle, it settles on all the sprayed surfaces and also lingers in the air for a while. This creates a fog that is deadly for mosquitoes and also a repellent for any mosquitoes that need new habitats.

These commercial sprayers are powered by diesel or electricity. This reduces the effort required to spray large compounds, without compromising the effectiveness of the insecticide. Also, since mosquitoes keep finding new hideouts, it’s always better to have a longterm solution.

Even after spraying all your trees, bushes, garden and grass, check again for mosquitoes in 60 days. They can come back, and hand spraying becomes ineffective in such situations.

Mosquito Control

It may not come as a surprise to see commercial exterminators using mosquito backpack sprayers. These machines are handy and cost-effective for spraying large areas. If you’re fighting a mosquito infestation in your home, contact SafeHaven Pest Control today for mosquito control near me



Here at SafeHaven, we use both green and conventional methods to control mosquitoes in your landscape. We often use a backpack sprayer so that we can directly target the areas in your yard where the mosquitoes like to hide during the day. Ever wondered what this kind of treatment looks like? Check out this video.