Rodent Control in Dallas, TX

Rodent Control

rodent control, rat, mouseAs you look for warmth during the winter, so do the rodents – in your kitchen sink cabinets. During autumn and late summer, rodents fend for themselves and try to store as much food as they can for when winter comes. However, don’t be fooled, rodents can walk into your home any day of the year; ask the White House.

In the US alone, there are reportedly over 20 million homes infested with rodents throughout the year. This shows the intensity of this rodent situation and the need to control it with urgency.

But why are rodents visiting your home?

Let’s start with what these small creatures are. Rodents are mammals that miss the canine teeth but have large rootless incisors in both the upper and lower jaws, which continually grow throughout their lives. They represent about 40% of the mammalian species and include rats, mice, squirrels, porcupines, hamsters and more.

Now, these creatures might be in your home for reasons including keeping your house dirty. However, even with a clean house, rodents may still visit you for shelter purposes. If you have a yard full of grass and trees, then they also have a meal to keep them satisfied.

Some rodents like mice, are happy to feed on what humans feed on making whatever food you eat, a rodent-attracting factor. Such foods include grains and seeds, fruit and berries, nuts, meat, garbage scraps, pet food and the like.

If you feel like these creatures are becoming a nuisance in your home, then it’s time to conduct effective rodent control. This will help prevent rodents and get rid of existing ones. Below are tips on how to conduct rodent control.

Clean Up and Store Remaining Food and Fruits

Cleaning your house doesn’t mean only the places we can see. Turn tables, scrub floors with detergents, take out cabinet contents and clean the doors, walls and corners of each cabinet and wardrobe. Cleaning up with soap and hot water helps get rid of sticky stains and smells unlike plain cold water.

Eliminate food and water in open areas. Practice the use of storing in clean containers. Store leftovers in the refrigerator and clean up counter tops and the cooker immediately after eating. As for animal food left out in the open, get rid of each and clean the bowls or troughs thoroughly. If there’s enough food for the pet’s next meal, store it in a metal container and close it tightly with a fitting lid.

What’s going on in your garage? Clean it up and organize it. Get rid of items laying around without purpose. Head on to the faucets and piping systems and clean them up as well. Repair them if damaged and ensure you fasten the drain covers.


Eliminate Potential Rodent Shelters

Rodents are canning; they won’t walk into your house through your front door. They will enter through holes and openings on walls, doors, ceilings, and corners. However, if you leave the front door open, they’ll still walk in. That said, do a thorough house inspection, spot all the holes and spaces where a rodent can fit in and block it.

During that inspection, visit your home compound and get rid of potential shelters like piles of debris and vegetation, trees, and vines covering your roof. When it comes to stacking woodpiles and household items, ensure they are 12 inches away from fences and walls. Clear your fence area as much as possible.

Getting Rid of The Rats!

When it comes to getting rid of rodents you need to get rid of them with immediate effect. Some ways include;

  • Snap trapping rodents by placing traps near their entry or places they can potentially hide. Leaving the trap overnight has a better chance of working.
  • Setup poisonous traps as well. Use poisonous bait (food) in their hideouts, and they’ll run for the food, eat and die on the spot. If your bait isn’t attached to the trap, you may have a tough time identifying the dead rats.

Sometimes the rat can feed on the bait (if it’s food) and move to another spot immediately then die there. So ensure to search around and see if you can spot the dead rats.

Once you get rid of the rodents, carry the dead bodies in a properly sealed container and dispose them. Clean the trap areas or even the whole room with disinfectants.


Once you get rid of the rodents, follow the first two rules to ensure they stay away. If you slip and leave food droppings on the kitchen floor, the chances are that the rodents will visit you again. If you opt for a chemical remedy like fumigation, ensure to get professionals for that. Mishandling these chemicals can be harmful to your health.