Have you met the American Cockroach? They may be your house guest at this very moment… Often called “water bugs” or “palmetto bugs”, these large cockroaches normally live outdoors in warm moist areas like flowerbeds. As they mature to adulthood, both the males and females develop wings and can fly.

These large pests will invade your home in order to find water and food. They’ll pass under doorways, open doors, open windows, through garages, and basements. They will often head straight for the kitchen or bathroom in search of water. Now that temperatures are getting warmer, chances are cockroaches will start moving indoors to find water.

They move fast. Because American cockroaches move so quickly, you may not always see them or realize you have an infestation. If you see small droppings, cockroach feces, that can look like mouse droppings, you may have an American cockroach infestation.  A cockroach infestation will also start creating an off color odor.

So how serious are these pests? The bottom line is that roaches carry a lot of serious diseases and can contaminate your food, give you allergy problems and more serious conditions like asthma. The last thing you want is for these pests to end up in your kitchen, in your food or on your bathroom toothbrush…Yuck! If you see one cockroach in the house, chances are there are many more and you’ll need to have the source of the infestation identified quickly. One key to successfully treating for roaches is identifying exactly which kind of roach you have, then addressing it’s behavioral patterns.

One adult female American Cockroach in the kitchen is one too many. Don’t wait until you see more adult American Cockroaches to give us a call!

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