Winter is on its way, which means insects and other pests will seek warmth and shelter for the season. Unfortunately, this means inside your home.  Nobody wants to share their warm cozy home with bugs and rodents! Fortunately, you can take a few simple steps to reduce your risk of an infestation this winter.

Do a Home Periphery Check

The best way to address an infestation is to prevent one from occurring in the first place. Seal all cracks and holes around your property using a material like caulk or even steel wool. Though simple, this is an effective way to keep pests out.  Check windows and door for cracks or weather stripping that needs repair.  Don’t store firewood inside and keep outdoor firewood away from your home’s perimeter.  Clean out gutters and rake leaves so pests won’t have a place to hide.

Keep Your Home Clean

Clutter and open containers of food are invitations for critters such as mice and insects like cockroaches. Keep food in tightly sealed plastic containers in your pantry or refrigerator.  Sweep up spills promptly and keep trash in a closed container.

Keep it Dry

Insect are drawn to moist areas so check under sinks and in the attic for leaks and be sure to repair any that you find promptly.

Check Your Unused Spaces

Many of us use sections of our home solely for storage – your attic, for example, is a frequently unused portion of the home, but it also is a favorite hiding spot for mice, rats, and insects. Take the time to periodically check these unused spaces for signs of infestation, such as droppings, damage to insulation, and claw marks. The earlier you spot signs of an infestation, the easier it is to control it.

Winter may bring more pests into your home, but they’re easy to control with the right approach. If you do notice signs of a winter pest infestation, contact the pest control professionals at SafeHaven Pest Control for an estimate today.