No one likes the idea of mice or rats calling your home their own – and for good reason; rodents leave droppings throughout your living spaces, damage your home’s internal structures, and affect your indoor air quality. Now that the weather is turning cooler, rats and mice will be seeking warmth and shelter, which means they may have made their way into your home or attic. Think you have a rodent problem in your home? If you are not sure, look for these signs of a rodent infestation:

Animal Droppings

One of the first signs of a rodent infestation you may notice is animal droppings. The location and nature of these droppings may give you a clue as the type of rodent you’re dealing with.  Mouse droppings are smallest, while rat droppings tend to be more than a quarter inch in size.

The location of the droppings may also clue you in – roof rats are more likely to nest in attics, while mice can nestle in the smallest corners of a cabinet or crack.  You may also notice a urine odor with a rodent infestation. Rat urine has a very strong and musky odor.

Chew Marks, Holes and Signs of Damage

Mice and rats gnaw holes into the sides of walls and throughout your home’s internal structures. Mice holes tend to be smaller and have smooth edges, while rat holes have rough edges. Look for tooth marks on the sides of wood planks and throughout the visible parts of your home’s internal structure – for example, under sinks and in the attic.

Nests and Noises

Mice are notorious for making nests indoors using whatever materials are available – think paper, string, and insulation. Some species of rats nest outdoors in burrows, while others nest in your attic.  In many North Texas neighborhoods, roof rats are all too common.

Finally, both mice and rats are nocturnal. Scratching noises in your ceilings and floors at night are telltale signs of a rodent problem.

Control Rodents Now

If you’ve noticed signs of a rat or mouse problem in your home, act now.  Fertile female rats give birth to an average of 10-12 babies every three to four weeks! If you have seen one rodent, there are likely many more you haven’t seen and more on the way! Contact the rodent control professionals at SafeHaven Pest Control and let us take care of take care of your mice or rat infestation today.