Termites can seal a property’s fate before the first owners ever take possession. The presence of termites dooms a property to years of expensive treatments and wood repair. These nasty pests are extremely difficult to get rid of, but relatively simple to prevent. Investing in wood-destroying insect protection during the initial planning stages of a new build is a brilliant way to prevent termites from ever infiltrating a property. Here are five undeniable reasons builders should install SafeHaven Pest Control’s Sentricon System to pretreat their new builds for termites.

It’s the Best Way to Prevent Termites in a New Build

You can’t afford to assume a new build won’t get termites. While termites do prefer decayed lumber over new, sound wood, that doesn’t mean they won’t infiltrate a new home. Termites can thrive in any home environment, unless there are pest control barriers they can’t get past. Many things can attract termites to a new build, from moisture in the soil of the home’s foundation to certain landscape features. The absolute number-one way to prevent termites is to pretreat the home before there is any sign of activity.

It’s Cheaper Than Other Termite Services

SafeHaven Pest Control's termite pre-treatment for home builders costs a flat rate of just $99. It’s fast and easy, with no worker exposure to chemicals or interruptions to the building process. Pay the fee just once and enjoy years of reliable termite control and prevention. You can avoid thousands of dollars in future termite treatments, home inspections, and termite-related property damage. This one-time, preventative cost is a sound investment for any home builder starting a new project.

It Keeps Termites Out for Good

Trusting the right company with wood pretreatment can give you excellent, long-lasting results. SafeHaven uses the Sentricon Always Active Termite Elimination System, which is scientifically designed to eliminate termite colonies and their queens. Sentricon prevents future termite infestations through complete termite protection in a new home. It uses scientifically-proven systems to consistently protect buildings from termites over time. It also has the power to inform homeowners of future termite activity, so they can act fast should a breach ever occur.

Sentricon Can Prevent Thousands of Dollars in Property Damage

Termites are destructive and unwanted nuisances on a property. Perhaps the most disturbing, however, is their potential to quickly cause major property damage. Every year, termites cause about $5 billion worth of property damage in the U.S.  Termites nesting in brand-new builds is a recipe for disaster. In a matter of weeks, a termite colony can cause hundreds of dollars of damage to previously sound wood. They can compromise the integrity of a home’s framework and cost you thousands of dollars.  Pre-treating homes as they are built is a smart way to protect your inventory against loss from termite damage.

It Boosts the Value of the Home

Pretreating a new build can increase the property’s value to potential future buyers. Knowing a home has strong protection from termites built into its very framework, right from the start, can give peace of mind in the strength and integrity of the building. You may even be able to sell the property for more money thanks to a guarantee for long-lasting termite protection. Learn more about all the ways SafeHaven’s pretreatment services for homebuilders can benefit you. Contact us today!