What Is Green Pest Control?

The problems and solutions that face humankind and the environment are constantly evolving. Once, elimination of pests at any cost might have been the solution. However, we are now aware of the impact of harmful chemicals on our environment and consequently, us. The use of green products to control pests should be a priority for all property owners, and pest control services.

What Does It Mean to Be Green?

The word green is commonly used in the 21st century to refer to products that are safe for the environment, people, pets and animals. It does not mean that pest control companies don’t use chemicals. The use of pesticides is necessary when controlling pests. Instead, the green approach focuses on treatments that are less harmful to the environment while still controlling pests.

For example, if you have a bug infestation, a green exterminator will use chemicals that only kill the bugs, but don’t affect your pets, the wildlife around you, your loved ones, or pollute the air. Fortunately, other pest control methods may not involve chemical use.

Baiting, for example, is a common method of pest control. When dealing with termites or cockroaches, baiting is a suitable way to kill the pest at their habitats. Since no sprays and dust is involved, baiting is often less harmful than chemical control methods. When dealing with termites, baiting is a great way to eliminate entire colonies without drilling or digging your compound.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

At the heart of green pest control is Integrated Pest Management. This approach focuses on preventing infestation instead of treating infestations. After all, it’s easier to prevent the pests from entering your home, than attempting to eliminating them. Since no chemicals are involved, this approach is green but does not exist in its own. It can be used as part of a treatment program.

The beauty of IPM is that it cuts off the use of pesticides, which ultimately minimizes the impact of pest control on the environment. For IPM to work, research on the types of pests invading a home is conducted. The research reveals the habits of the pests in question and control measures to be applied.

If techniques such as fences, traps and baits can be used in place of chemicals, the better. If chemicals are necessary, they are applied only in required potions and techniques for effectiveness.

Do You Need Pest Control Services?

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