We know it’s hard to believe, but the holidays are officially around the corner; are you ready for your upcoming holiday meal and guests? It’s easy to remember all the typical tasks on your to-do lists: Have the house and carpets professionally cleaned, pull out the extra air mattresses and sheets, unpack the nice china and decorate for your gathering. We’re all so busy taking care of the obvious essentials that it can be easy to forget about the uninvited guests that could show up during Thanksgiving dinner.

Have you heard the pitter patter of tiny feet in the attic? Perhaps you were unpleasantly greeted by a roach scurrying across the floor when you flipped on the kitchen light. Fruit flies can ruin any party; do you have any lingering? Ants can be challenging to eradicate and can be quite the nuisance in your kitchen.  If any of these pesky pests have made an appearance, it’s not too late to treat for them and prevent them from ruining your holiday season.

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After you’ve scheduled our visit, there are a few important steps you can take to keep your holiday home pest-free:

  • Patch holes around your home where rodents might be able to squeeze into your home. Rats only need a hole the size of a quarter to you make your home his new home.
  • Have extra food containers and large bags on hand for extra leftovers. The longer food stays out in the open, the bigger the chance that roaches, ants and others looking for a meal will be attracted.
  • Keep the kitchen clean. We’re sure you already know this, but simply wiping down kitchen counters after cooking and meals, will aid in keeping pests at bay.
  • Run and clean your garbage disposal so that grime doesn’t build up. Fruit flies often lay their eggs in your disposal.
  • Tidy around the outside of your home. Clean gutters and window sills, neaten the wood pile, and tidy up the garden this week. Piles of leaves and debris around the outside of your home encourages nesting rodents, plus gives insects a warm place to hide and breed.

Ready to put the finishing touches on your perfect holiday home? Let us help with any needed pest control issues. Contact us to schedule an appointment.