This time of year, temperatures in Texas regularly drop to 50 degrees Fahrenheit and below. When cooler weather arrives in the fall and winter in Texas, wasps can become an unexpected threat when they move to attics and other warm spaces as the temperature dips below 50.

Wasps nests in the attic can be an annoyance and a hazard.  Wasp stings are painful and can be deadly if there is an allergic reaction.  It’s important that you take measures to safely remove wasps from your home and/or attic for both safety and peace of mind.

How Do Wasps Get into the Attic or House?

Wasps build nests during the spring and they may choose to do so in your attic, home or garage. They come and go through holes, gaps, or cracks in your home’s exterior, building the nest for the queen to lay her eggs. At first frost, most wasps die but the females remain and spend the winter in the nest.  This may cause you or your family to have an encounter with a wasp that you are not expecting.

Prevention and Removal

The best way to remove wasp nests from the attic is to prevent them from being built there in the first place. Seal all cracks, gaps, and holes in your home’s exterior that wasps might travel through. Make sure you seal your doors and windows with screens and door sweeps.

If you have wasps in the attic or garage already, you can purchase wasp-killing spray and try to address the problem yourself.  Make sure to dress in thick clothing, remove any important belongings, and seal windows and doors before spraying.  Of course, when you do it yourself, there is a chance you could be stung or accidentally spray yourself, or even that something else might go wrong as you negotiate a cramped and dimly lit attic.  And what about the exposure to the chemicals?

Hire a Professional

If handling an attic wasp problem yourself sounds like a lot of troublesome work, you’re right--it is.  The better way to remove wasp nests from your home or attic is to call a professional extermination service like SafeHaven Pest Control immediately. We train our pest control technicians in safe wasp removal practices. We’ll rid your attic of wasps’ nests in a swift and professional manner. Contact SafeHaven Pest Control today.