If you hadn't heard (or been bitten), mosquitoes are making a big comeback in Dallas right now. There's even talk of a new virus, called chikungunya, that is being spread by these pests. While no cases have yet been reported in Dallas, no one wants to put up with these critters in their landscape.

Unlike the mosquitoes that carry West Nile Virus, these new mosquitoes fly during the day. While West Nile is passed from birds to mosquitoes, then to humans, the chikungunaya virus is passed from human to mosquito to human. While this virus is not fatal, it can cause intense pain and present other similar symptoms to West Nile. However, once infected people develop long-lasting immunity.

Getting ahead of infestations is always the best plan, so it's best not to wait until mosquitoes become a big problem for you before you call a qualified pest control company.

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There are many reasons why we don't want the city to get to the point of mass truck or aerial spraying. The best thing each homeowner can do is prevent infestations at the individual property level. If we all work together to keep the insect pressure down across the city, everyone wins.

We know that many of you are sensitive to the chemicals your family may be exposed to. We have an effective green mosquito plan available to help take care of mosquito problems naturally.

Of course, we can also provide conventional mosquito treatments as well.