Mosquitoes have been a nuisance to Texas residents for a long time, and many have no idea how to protect their property. Homeowners, schools, business owners, and tenants must learn how to prevent mosquitoes from breeding around their property. You have many options on how best to protect yourself from the mosquito season in Texas.

SafeHaven Pest Control has the experience, experts, and resources to help you take preventive measures to avoid mosquitoes or exterminate them if you have an infestation.

When Is Mosquito Season In Texas?

Mosquitoes normally thrive in warm climates with temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, Texas is one of the hottest states in the country, making residents in different counties prone to mosquito infestations most of the year. Due to the climate in Texas, warm weather can extend even into the winter months, making the mosquito season in Texas last between February and November.

Mosquito season in Texas lasts longer than in other states in the United States since the warm weather continues during the night, creating a perfect breeding ground. Furthermore, mosquito season in Dallas is more intensified whenever there is rain because female mosquitoes have an opportunity to lay eggs. These factors make it difficult for homeowners, tenants, schools, and builders in Texas to curb the infestation as the population grows exponentially during such weather. 

Texas residents must find clever ways to protect themselves from the nuisance caused by mosquitoes. The long mosquito season in Texas makes more miserable memories if you have not taken the necessary measures to eliminate mosquitoes. You can be seated at home every night thinking to yourself, "when do mosquitoes go away in Texas?" with no accurate answer. 

What You Should Know About The Asian Tiger Mosquito

The Asian tiger mosquito is the most common type of mosquito in Texas. During mosquito season in Texas, residents find their homes infested with these insects, which can be both a health hazard and annoying. The Asian tiger mosquito is about a quarter of an inch long, has a black and white body, and lays its eggs in standing and slow-moving water.

Discovered in Texas in 1985, this mosquito has been a growing health problem. When the Asian tiger mosquito bites a person or animal with an illness, it becomes a carrier and can infect the next person it bites. Therefore, it becomes quite easy for an epidemic to spread across Texas if there is a large swarm of Asian tiger mosquitoes in the state.

These mosquitoes have dispelled the notion that people can only be infected with diseases like the West Nile virus, dengue fever, and eastern equine encephalitis by traveling abroad. Researchers soon realized that the Asian tiger mosquitoes could transmit illnesses across a large area.

Other than the Asian tiger mosquito, other species prevalent during mosquito season in Texas include;

  • Yellow fever mosquito
  • Western encephalitis mosquito
  • Southern house mosquito

What Do Male Mosquitoes Eat?Mosquito

Male mosquitoes normally feed on sugary things like nectar from flowers. The most common misinformation is that male mosquitoes feed on blood which is not the case since they aren't strong enough to bite through human flesh. As a result, male mosquitoes cannot transmit illnesses like malaria to humans.

On the other hand, female mosquitoes are the main threat to humans. Mosquito season in Texas is normally uncomfortable since female mosquitoes can spread many illnesses, such as dengue fever and West Nile virus. In addition, female mosquitoes feed on human blood since they need protein from our blood to produce eggs since their mouths are strong enough to pierce through the skin.

Consequently, it is vital to contact specialists like SafeHaven Pest Control, who can know which type of mosquito you have around your home. Our professionals provide directions on how to get rid of mosquitoes, primarily by getting rid of their food source.

Preventing Mosquito Activity Around Your Texas Property

The best way to protect yourself and your family from mosquitoes is to take preventive measures before their population grows during the warm weather. The most effective way is to make your home less attractive to mosquitoes, thus preventing them from breeding in your compound. You can take the following measures to protect your Texas property;

  • Maintaining a clean lawn with short grass.
  • Getting rid of any debris, garbage, or piles of leaves
  • Remove any standing water around your property
  • Avoid overwatering your lawn to reduce the risk of stagnant water
  • Maintaining the appropriate chlorine levels in your pool or hot tub
  • Changing your pet's water bowl regularly to prevent female mosquitoes from laying eggs

Professional Mosquito & Pest Control Services In Texas

Do you have a mosquito problem in Texas? Look no further! SafeHaven Pest Control is here to take the load off your back and ensure mosquitoes will never be on your property again.

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