Is your dog scratching constantly? Are you noticing small bites on your lower legs? Is everyone at home being bitten? You could have fleas! But have no fear! We’re here to help you eradicate those pesky pests and give your pets and family peace of mind.

First: Check the dogs and cats!

Check your pets for adult fleas, irritation and small black and red droppings on skin. Dogs tend to have fleas along their back, belly and hindquarters. Fleas on cats congregate around the neck and head. If you see anything, call your vet for a flea treatment plan. If you see no insects but the animals are still scratching, they could have a skin irritation. Only your vet will be able to properly diagnose this.

Tip: If we are treating your home for fleas, have your pets treated on the same day so they’re out of the home for a few hours.

I found fleas! What now?

So you’ve seen fleas on your pets. This won’t give you a proper indication of how manageable or potentially bad your infestation really is. Fleas are sometimes difficult to detect in your home and around your landscape as the the larvae and eggs are very small and hard to see. The best places to look for fleas are around pet beds and anywhere your pets sleep. But, they are also found in fabric, carpet and even in the floorboards.

Think you have fleas? Please call us immediately! We have both Green and conventional options to choose from. When the proper steps are taken, there is not usually a need for a second visit from one of our technicians. Prior to our arrival, we’ll give you a list of tasks to do. They include:

  • Treat pets for fleas, preferably on the day we treat.
  • Wash all linens and pet bedding in the hottest water the fabric will accept.
  • Vacuum carpets, wood and vinyl flooring 1-2 hours prior to our arrival. Place the bag in an outdoor trash receptacle.
  • Pick everything up off the floor – toys, food bowls, items in closets and pantry, and outdoors as well if we are treating the landscape.
  • Remove all caged pets such as birds, hamsters and lizards for a minimum of 4-hours.
  • Plan on being out of your home for at least 4-hours after treatment to allow for it to dry.
  • Allow 21 days for the treatment to reach its maximum effectiveness. If you are still noticing fleas after three weeks, call us back for a secondary treatment.


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Treating fleas successfully relies on all of us working together. Let us be your partner in the removal of your fleas! Call us at the first sign of Fido itching!