Bedbugs! They’ve been in the news constantly lately and we’ve had more calls about people finding them in their home than ever before. Especially after traveling to one of the areas that are known bedbug havens.

Could you have bedbugs? There a few simple ways to tell. If you see any one of these indicators by themselves, you may not have them; but in combination they could mean you have an infestation. If you think you might have a bedbug problem, call your pest control company right away for an inspection.

Bites: Do you wake up after a night of sleeping with bites on your hands, feet, neck or torso? Are the bites in a straight-line pattern? While some random bites may or may not be a telltale sign of bedbugs, if you notice a pattern of three or more bites in a line, there’s a good sign that you’ve been bitten by bedbugs. The next step is to check your bed!

Inspect the Bed: There are a number of signs that could tell you if bedbugs are present. Start by removing all bedding. Inspect all of the piping around the mattress, especially at the corners. Look under the box spring and behind the plastic corners, around the headboard and near the baseboards. Bedbugs have even been know to hide in electric sockets, behind picture frames and inside furniture. Look for crushed bugs, dark red stains from blood, or dark spots that could be droppings, eggs or dead skin.

Hunting Time: Are you starting to think you could have bed bugs? Their busiest time is just before dawn. Set your alarm a bit earlier and you just might catch them on a hunt for a meal under the sheets!

Uh oh! You have bed bugs. Now what? Immediately call a professional who has years of experience eradicating bedbugs. Removing them can be a lengthy process and there are multiple steps you’ll need to take to prepare for their removal. Need more help? Give us a call today!

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