As hot temperatures continue in North Texas, several unwelcome house guests may seek shelter from the heat in your home. Hot, dry weather can drive common household pests indoors in search of cool, wet spaces. Learn how summer weather can affect termites, crickets, and ants, as well as what to do about summertime pest problems. It’s never too late to schedule services with SafeHaven Pest Control.

Increase in Insect Populations

Bugs thrive in the heat. Although not big on droughts, insect populations will see a boon during hot, sticky summers. Since they are cold-blooded, insects do well in hot weather. This can mean a noticeable increase in the number of pests such as mosquitoes, ants, termites, crickets, and other insects around your yard and in your home. Particularly hot summers will not deter common pest insects, although droughts might.

Breeding Starts Earlier

Insects start their breeding season according to temperature. If summer weather starts early, so will bug breeding. This can have many repercussions on pest populations for the rest of the season, such as faster insect lifecycles and less time between generations. It can also mean seeing your least-favorite summertime pests earlier in the season. Unfortunately, earlier breeding doesn’t necessarily mean a faster end to the season. If the weather stays warm, insect populations will continue.

Dry Weather Drives Pests Inside

One pest-related effect of dry, hot weather homeowners will find especially unwelcome is the search for cool spaces and water. Your home can present an oasis for insects and other wildlife during the most grueling, hot summertime weather. In heat waves and dry spells, don’t be surprised to find an influx of pests seeking shade and water in your home and elsewhere on your property. Bugs do like warm temperatures, but that doesn’t mean they can survive baking in the sun all day. Insects and animals will often seek shade in your shrubs, under the house, in sheds, or in your home.

More Plentiful and Bothersome Pests in Summer

You might notice more pest activity at night than during the day when the weather is hot. Look for insects and animals at night, when the weather cools down enough for pests to be more active. Pests will adjust their activity levels according to the temperature. If you don’t think you have pests, look around when the sun goes down. The activity you see might surprise you – and not in a good way.

During a long, hot, and dry Texas summer, keep SafeHaven Pest Control on speed dial. You’re likely to have more wildlife encounters than usual and you may need help from professionals.  Contact us today for summertime pest control information.  You may also want to check out our pest control packages, which are an economical way to stay one step ahead of pests and ensure you are covered, no matter the season.