Crickets might not pose health risks to humans, but that doesn’t make them any less of a nuisance here in Texas. Warm summers mean more insects and faster plant growth. Therefore, crickets, which feed on plants and other insects (dead or alive), thrive in summertime. If the booming cricket population is annoying you this summer, count on SafeHaven Pest Control for effective cricket control. Start conquering crickets with these tips.

Get to Know Your Adversary

Before you can resolve a pest problem, you must know who you’re up against. Crickets you discover in your house are probably house crickets – around three-quarters of an inch long, with light brown bodies, long back legs, wings, and long antennae. House crickets can infiltrate structures and set up camp in warm, stable environments. They can multiply quickly, cause damage to your home, and they can keep you up at night with their signature chirping noises (mating calls).

House crickets aren’t picky about what they eat. They may invade pet food bowls, pantries, garbage cans, and fruit baskets. Crickets may also migrate toward fabrics and clothing in which to live and feed upon. Other crickets that can become nuisances to Texas property owners include the Carolina locust, conehead crickets, katydids, field crickets, mole crickets, and tree crickets. The more you know about the species of cricket causing your problem, the better.

Make Your Property Less Attractive for Crickets

Crickets can become a nuisance on your property if you’re doing things to unknowingly attract them. Crickets search for food, light, and shelter. Crickets thrive in areas with tall grass, young plants, loose soil, flowerbeds, and other insects to snack on. Keep your property well-maintained during summer, cutting grass regularly to diminish the cricket food supply and getting rid of debris crickets can use as shelter.

Like many nocturnal critters, crickets love bright lights and are drawn to them at night. Having bright outdoor lights or making the lights inside your home visible from outside can be a beacon for cricket populations. Consider dimming visible lights or getting rid of them altogether if you have a significant cricket problem. Making it difficult for crickets to find food, light, and shelter on your property will force them to look elsewhere.

Partner With a Proven Pest Control Company

Sick of crickets in and around your home? A long-lasting solution is available with SafeHaven Pest Control. We specialize in nuisance insects and wildlife around Texas, including all species of crickets and grasshoppers. We can implement proven strategies to stop cricket infestations and prevent future invasions. Contact us today to discuss your personalized pest control solution.