Still Have Ants?

Back in May, we asked the question in regards to house ants, “Is one treatment enough?” Honestly, the answer is still no! One treatment is typically not enough when it comes to treating common ants such as Odiferous, Carpenter, or Pharaoh ants. We're still getting calls that these critters are making a comeback. Once they move into your home and find food and water sources, it takes a long-term plan to eradicate them. As we always say "Reoccurring pests require reoccurring service!"

During a recent home visit, we found repeat colonies of ants coming into the kitchen from a different area than on our first visit.  Ants form huge colonies with multiple nests and queens in the walls and crawl spaces of your home and can be very persistent. One treatment might seemingly diminish the ants’ presence for a few weeks, or kill off one major colony. Without repeat treatments, however, the sub-colonies can move in and take their place.

It's frustrating...we know!

Home Tips

If you've had a problem with ants in your kitchen, then you'll want to take extra steps to discourage big infestations. Be sure to keep any food source off your counters and wipe them down thoroughly every evening. Sweep up those crumbs! Keep dry goods in the pantry sealed up tight in containers. Regularly wipe down pantry shelves as well.

Try Our Emerald Bundle

Looking for peace of mind that the invaders won’t return? When you sign up for one of our BUNDLES, we'll be better able to address these kind of repeat infestations at a better value for you.  Ants require more than one treatment to kill the colony.  Treating one time may seem like it works because you are getting rid of the ants you see.  They will be back.