Are the mosquitoes still biting in your landscape. Unfortunately, mosquitoes can keep breeding and biting well into the fall season.

Do you mosquitoes seem to like you better than your spouse?

Is it your charming personality or something else less obvious? Studies have shown that people who give off more carbon dioxide, such as pregnant women, might be more attractive to mosquitoes. Another study showed that people with type O blood were the mosquitoes favorite meal. Do you exercise outdoors? Well, mosquitoes love you, too! They are attracted to chemical compounds in sweat.

What can you do to keep mosquitoes at bay?

The best thing we can do as homeowners is to be proactive about preventing mosquitoes. Using products such as Mosquito Bits and Dunks can prevent mosquitoes from maturing. But we know that even when we take preventative action, mature mosquitoes can still invade your landscape from other sources. Perhaps there’s a stream adjacent to your neighborhood or an abandoned pool nearby. Even the tiniest pools of water can harbor mosquito larvae.

Where do they hide?

Adult mosquitoes tend to hang around under your shrubs and plants during the day when it’s hot. They keep to the cooler, shadier parts of your landscape. In order to kill adult mosquitoes, it’s best to spray during the day when they are grouped together. Foundation and perimeter shrubs, near spigots or any other water source that’s shaded is a likely hiding spot. Mosquitoes emerge to start hunting and feeding in the evening.

How do you treat?

Because we understand that some of you and your family members might be sensitive to chemical exposure, we offer a green alternative to keeping mosquitoes at bay. Botanical oils are used to both repel and contact-kill adult mosquitoes using a power sprayer. Or, we can use more conventional methods.

mosquito misting system

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We’d be happy to discuss both methods with you by either phone or email. Together, we can figure out what is right for your family. Contact us here when you are ready to stop being dinner for the mosquitoes!