Finding any bug in your food is disgusting, but pantry moths are particularly insidious. You may only see one moth but beware: there is never just one moth. By the time you see that one moth, odds are there’s a full-blown infestation. Generally, once an adult is visible, there is already larvae laid and the worms are nearing the end of the feeding stage and moving into the reproduction phase of their lifecycle.

Pantry moths are not their scientific name, but people use the term for any moth that’s found in the kitchen and feeds on grain. The most common types are the Indian Meal Moth and the Mediterranean Flour Moth.

Seal All Dry Goods Immediately

Don’t leave food uncovered or unsealed in the pantry. Make sure to seal all dry goods properly in containers with tight-fitting lids. Pantry moths may already infest some food you bring into the house. Make sure the rest of the food in the pantry is properly sealed, so you can contain the infestation to the item that brought it in.

Eradicate Moths

To eradicate the infestation, follow these steps carefully:

  • DO inspect every package of food. Open sealed boxes and bags and inspect them thoroughly for signs of an infestation.
  • DON’T skip the spots that seem unlikely to be affected. Check pet treats, candy bowls, and children’s art projects made of grains like pasta.
  • DO inspect around the lids and rims of cans and jars. These hiding places can host a pantry moth pupa.
  • DON’T leave old liner materials on your shelves. Remove all the shelf paper and thoroughly clean the shelving with soapy water before laying new liner.
  • DO vacuum the floors, baseboard, door trim, wall edges, hardware, wire shelving, and even the holes for the shelf-support anchors.
  • DON’T forget to clean the floors, walls, door jambs, and hinges.
  • DO change the vacuum bag and wash out the garbage cans.

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