Even the cleanest and tidiest of homes have some spiders. Here in Texas, spiders are a fact of life. Many spiders and beneficial predators that capture and consume many less desirable insects in our home. Even so, many of you just don’t want these creepy crawlies peering at you at night from the corners of our bedroom or lurking in your pantry. We get it!

If you feel like there are just too many spiders in your home, we recommend vacuuming around the corners of your walls and ceilings regularly and reducing clutter where it may stack up, like the garage.

While spider bites are not common, we know that when they happen, they can be quite painful and require treatment. Certain spiders, such as the Brown Recluse and Black Widow deliver poisonous bites that can create serious health challenges. However, it’s not common to run across one of these poisonous spiders. Most often the spiders we encounter on a day to day basis, such as the House Spider, are relatively harmless to us.

The House Spider is most commonly found in the home, garages and sheds, where they feed on other insects. House spiders will randomly build webs; then abandon them to build new ones if they don't catch enough food. You’ll often find them hanging around the kitchen, under cabinets, in wall corners and garages. The presence of house spiders may indicate increased numbers of other household pests, such as gnats, flies, silverfish, ants and more. Spiders generally show up where there is food for them to hunt! So if you’ve noticed an increase in spiders in your home, there may be other more important pest issues that need to be resolved.


garden orbweaver spider

What about spiders in the garden? Spiders are most beneficial in the garden. They often devour many pests that you don’t want eating your plants. The Garden Orb Weaver, for example, spins a circular web amongst your plants then waits at the edge of their web, or perches on the edge or underside of a leaf, waiting for their pray to "trip" one of their webs. Learn more about spiders in our Pest ID Guide.

Unwilling to share your home with these creatures? We can take care of them for you!  Contact us when you’re ready to be pest free.

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