Providing a safe learning environment for students should be priority number one for schools. Pest control is an important aspect of providing this safe learning environment. But, when it comes to the safety of children, not just any pest management company will do.  Earth-kind schools and school districts hire pest control companies that offer eco-friendly methods and emphasize a low-toxicity approach.  These green pest control tactics eradicate pest problem while avoiding student exposure to any toxic chemicals.

Why Green Pest Control Is Important

Chemical solutions to pest problems could have negative health effects and cause environmental concerns. In schools, the need to use environmentally friendly methods is crucial. Why put children at a higher risk of chemical exposure when there are eco-friendly methods available?

Further, traditional pest control methods are not only toxic to humans, but they also disrupt the natural process of pest control. For example, spraying an area with a kill-all solution can upset the balance of predator and prey. The use of chemical control methods can exacerbate your pest problem if the chemicals do greater damage to the predators that have kept the pest population under control. This could lead to a larger, more destructive population of pests.

Integrated Pest Management

At SafeHaven Pest Control, our Green Pest Control for Schools service is based on an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach.   This common-sense approach to pest control focuses on areas most likely to attract pests, e.g. high-risk areas such as food storage, preparation and eating areas.

The IPM approach is based on a multi-step process that includes frequent monitoring of high-risk areas, and the use of only low-impact, low-toxicity products to control infestations. Further infestations are prevented by removal of the pests’ access to food, water and shelter.  Ongoing monitoring discovers new activity and treats it swiftly with low-impact methods. This multistep, ongoing process of pest management ensures the safety of school children, employees, and the environment.

The Green Choice for School Pest Control

Instead of using traditional pest control, rely on SafeHaven’s Green Pest Control to treat your school, day-care or church. We will inspect your location, treat it with our low-impact, environmentally-sensitive approach and take the steps needed to prevent future infestations.