Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance to us, but can also spread disease. So you, your family and pets can enjoy your outdoors space safely, you need to take measures to control mosquitoes.

In order to properly control mosquitoes in residential landscapes, we need to treat regularly from April through October. Timing may vary depending on the weather.

Green Mosquito Control

Your property will be treated with a power-sprayer mist application of botanical extract controls. A natural larvicide added to the drains will be included.

$98 per application of Mosquito Steve essential oils product.

We recommend the every 14 day plan for better mosquito control.

We will need un-restricted access to your landscape areas in order to treat on-schedule.

*For best mosquito control ask us about our customized misting system.

Contact SafeHaven about Mosquito Service today.


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