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Silverfish Control in Dallas, TX

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Silverfish Eat Paper!

Keep An Eye On Your Valued Books...

It happens when you least expect it, a silverfish infestation. You wake up thirsty in the middle of the night so you stumble into the kitchen. You fumble around for the light and flick it on. Out of the corner of your eye, you see a flash of movement near the sink. You blink and try to clear your vision. You look again and there IN the sink is not one, but TWO, strange looking little silver bugs. What are those things? They are clearly trying to get away from you as they scurry towards the drain. You blink again and they are gone. Gone down the drain. You have no idea what these pests are so you immediately get online and try to search Google for help. That search leads you here. So let us learn about those weird looking little pests you have determined to be silverfish living in your drain or feeding on your books.

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What do silverfish look like?

Silverfish are small insects like sowbugs that have bodies that are smaller than an inch in length. Silverfish are usually silver in color but will sometimes be a shade of brown. The body of a silverfish is generally flat with the shape of a fish. The body of a silverfish is covered in scales. Silverfish's eyes are small and compound but widely separated. When a silverfish moves, it looks like a fish. Silverfish have two antennae and three tails. Silverfish have small mouths so silverfish are not capable of biting humans. Silverfish can move quickly on a flat surface but silverfish are not able to climb up the side of your sink. Silverfish at a glance:

  • Silver in color
  • Six legs
  • Oval, fish-shaped
  • Two antennae
  • Body ¾ inch in length
  • Three tail-like appendages
  • Have small mouths
  • Small, compound eyes


Where Can You Find Silverfish?

Silverfish, like other moisture pests live all over the United States. Silverfish prefer a moist climate so they will often be found in kitchens and bathrooms. Silverfish also like the dampness of basements. Silverfish really like to hang out in damp basements around leaky pipes. It is pretty common for silverfish to crawl in and out of your sink and shower drains. Occasionally, silverfish will be found in attics because of the humidity in attics. Outside of these areas, you are likely to find silverfish searching for food. Silverfish like to eat sugars and starches. A common food source for a silverfish is the glue in books or wallpaper. Silverfish have been known to get a source of protein from sick or dead silverfish. More often, though, their protein source will come from the skin cells that you shed throughout the day. You will find silverfish most active during the night so you may not ever see one during the daylight hours.

Entry into your home or business

How Silverfish Find Entry Into Homes And Businesses

Silverfish are small insects that can enter your home through the tiny spaces between a pipe and the wall. Silverfish can enter your home through the drain in your tub, shower, bathroom and kitchen sinks. Silverfish can enter through any tiny space through which they can access a moisture source.  You might find silverfish on ceiling soffits. You might also find silverfish on your ceiling, in or around skylights and canister light fixtures. Silverfish on your ceiling likely enter through gaps in the shingles, attic vents, skylights, and anything that vents onto the roof. 



Can Silverfish Cause Damage?

Silverfish have tiny mouths that do not bite humans so you do not have to worry about being bitten during the night. Silverfish also do not sting humans so there is no worry about a sting during the night. Silverfish are not known to spread disease. Silverfish will leave you and your pets alone. However, silverfish may cause harm in that their scales and particles they leave behind can cause an allergic reaction. There is also the damage a silverfish can do to your property. Silverfish like to eat the glue in books and wallpaper so you may find holes in your books or wallpaper. Silverfish will also eat materials like your nice shirt since they will eat starched cotton. They also like linen and silk. Silverfish will make their way into your pantry and eat cereal, flour, coffee, sugar, and powdered sugar. You will have to pay close attention to the damage done by a silverfish because they start out small and as the infestation grows, so does the damage.

Control and Safety

Silverfish Control and Safety

You do not like the idea of a silverfish infestation so you want to be on top of any signs you may see. It is important to you that your food in your pantry is pest free. You want to feel the confidence of a silverfish free home because who wants to put on their favorite shirt only to find a hole in the collar? Who wants to pick up their favorite book only to find the edges that have been eaten away? Who wants to open their box of silverfish and pour a silverfish into their bowl for Saturday morning breakfast? For your safety and the safety of your family, you need to know how to prevent an infestation of silverfish. If you have a silverfish infestation, you need to know how to remove the silverfish safely and completely.

Prevention and Removal

Prevention And Removal Of Silverfish

The best way to prevent a silverfish infestation is to employ a silverfish pest control professional. He will tell you to fix all leaky pipes, replace all moist boards in your home, and to buy a dehumidifier for any moist areas of your home. He will tell you to seal all holes where a silverfish might gain access. He will tell you not to leave stacks of magazines or newspapers in moist areas. If you do see silverfish activity, only a silverfish control professional knows how best to treat your problem. A silverfish control professional knows how to treat a silverfish infestation. A silverfish control professional understands the life cycle of the silverfish and the best way to safely and completely remove them all from your home. 

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Silverfish can be found all over the country and are attracted to moisture. Silverfish will congregate anywhere they can find a source of moisture and food. This is likely to be inside your bathroom or kitchen. Silverfish do not bite or sting but they will damage your property by eating holes in your wallpaper, clothes, and books. Silverfish will also eat unsealed foods in your pantry. If you find signs of a silverfish, the best way to handle them is to contact a silverfish control professional to safely and completely remove them from your home.