Waking up to a house overrun by ants can be frustrating, especially if you have never encountered the issue. Dealing with ants can be challenging as it requires expert attention to ensure the menace does not resurface in the future.

While other pest control companies might offer temporary solutions, SafeHaven Pest Control offers permanent and quality solutions across Dallas-Fort Worth homeowners, landlords, renters, schools, and builders whenever an ant infestation occurs. We are the leading experts in pest control.

What are Ants Doing in My House?

A handful of ants can wreak havoc in your household as you try to figure out what could have brought them there. Undoubtedly, getting rid of ants in your house is frustrating, but worry not! The pest control experts at SafeHaven Pest Control are at your disposal to find and remove ants from your house, building, or school.

Already wondering, "what causes ants in the house?" Some of the reasons you may encounter ants in your house include:

Food Source

As opportunistic feeders, ants move into new territories to seek food and water. So whenever you find ants in your house, they have probably found sweet foods, such as honey, sugar, syrup, meat, and fruit juice, to feed on.

Ants come in droves once they locate a food source and leave a chemical mark for other ants using their pheromones. Your efforts to get rid of the ants are likely to be unsuccessful until this chemical mark is broken — ants forget the direction of the food source once the chemical path is disrupted.

SafeHaven Pest Control boasts several years of pest control experience. Our experts will restore the serenity of your house in a short time. In addition, we will show you how to store your food and teach you how to dispose of them to avoid ants in the house.

Water Source

Access to water is crucial for the survival of all living organisms. Ants are no different as they aim to keep their colony closest to a water source. Unfortunately, you probably have no idea where the water source is in your house — this limits your ability to get rid of ants.

Experts at SafeHaven Pest Control will identify and disrupt any water sources in your house that ants may depend on. Ants will have no reason to come into your building, school, or house if there is no water source. We also enlighten you on how to keep your house dry and free of spillage to keep off ants.

Weather Conditions

Ant infestations are also dependent on weather conditions as they seek to protect their colonies from extreme climates, often during the winter and summer seasons. During winter, ants remain dormant, so there is a need to find warm locations. Similarly, ants move to find water sources during the summer.

SafeHaven Pest Control guarantees you an ant-free home irrespective of the weather conditions. However, knowing how to protect your premises during extreme weather conditions can help reduce your susceptibility to ant infestation.

How Do I Get Rid of Ants?

Although troublesome, getting rid of ants is manageable. You should seek advice from experts if you are untrained in dealing with ant infestations. SafeHaven Pest Control offers some top tips on how to resolve the ant problems in your house by yourself successfully:

  1. Seal any food source, such as fridge, tins, and pantry.
  2. Clean your kitchen and tightly seal your dustbins.
  3. Cover any cracks or openings within your house.
  4. Wipe down any surface with an ant trail with vinegar or bleach to get rid of any chemical trail.

Are you based in Garland, TX, and the above tips do not help? Worry not! Reach out to SafeHaven Pest Control for a quick and effective pest control solution.

Pest Control Bundles in Dallas-Fort Worth

At SafeHaven Pest Control, we offer various packages that help you deal with ant infestations in your home, building, school, or hospital. However, our two most popular bundles are the ruby and sapphire packages.

The ruby package starts at $46 per month and deals with argentine ants, ghost ants, odorous house ants, acrobat ants, and fire ants. The sapphire package starts at $75 per month and offers the same service as the ruby package but also deals with carpenter ants.

Dallas-Fort Worth Ant & Pest Control Services

Here at SafeHaven Pest Control, we are experts in ant infestations in any building or home. Our employees are leading pest experts in Dallas-Fort Worth, guaranteeing a quick and lasting solution to your ant problems.

To learn more about our ant control services, visit our offices or call us at 214-220-4821 to make an appointment.