Think squirrels are cute? Think again!


Squirrels are furry and cute, but they can cause a lot of damage to your home and landscape. There they go, scampering cutely across your to watch, right? Then, you realize they are heading right towards your bright red tomatoes that just ripened on the vine; or maybe to dig up the tulip bulbs you just planted; or maybe to bury acorns in your garden beds so small trees are always popping up. These are all a nuisance and we understand your frustration!

Squirrels can cause bigger problems for you in the landscape. Established trees can take quite a beating from squirrels. Did you know that squirrels will strip the bark off of your trees, leaving open wounds, which make your trees more susceptible to pests and disease? This is especially damaging in spring, when oak wilt disease transmission is at its peak. Why do they do it? There may be many reasons, but it’s thought that female squirrels may chew tree bark in order to ease the pain of an oncoming birth. Whatever the reason or the damage, we highly suggest you call a certified arborist to inspect your trees if squirrels have been an issue.

What else do those pesky squirrels do to your property? They’ve also been known to chew through the electrical wiring in cars and homes, causing thousands of dollars in damage. Squirrels seem to like sharpening their teeth on metal objects and signage and will also take chunks out of your nice wood patio furniture.

There are many thoughts as to why squirrels like to chew bark, wood, wires and plants. Whatever the reason, they can be a real nuisance around your home. Sometimes, they even make it into your homes to nest, or may become stuck in rain gutters or other areas. If you find that squirrels are nesting in your home, or may be trapped, we have an expert wildlife specialist to take care of them.

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