Mosquito Misting Systems: Do Green Systems Work?

It’s that time of year when mosquitoes are a hot topic in Dallas. The City of Dallas is sending out spray trucks to select neighborhoods to spray pesticides in an attempt to control mosquito populations. In reality, the best way to stem the growth of mosquito populations in the city is for each homeowner to be proactive in the care of their own landscape. One way to control mosquitoes on your property is to install a misting system.

You might wonder what one of these misting systems looks like. In the photo above, you’ll see one of our technicians filling and adjusting just such a misting system. As you can see, a large barrel is filled with the misting solution, then a regulator and pump will move the treatment through tubes and misting heads installed around the property.

In our misting systems, we use a natural product called Mosquito Steve which contains 16% Geraniol, 14.5% Thyme, 0.8% Cederwood, 0.9% Rosemary, Vanillin, and Castor Oil. The ingredients are botanical oils and so will have a reduced impact on the environment and can be used around homes with kids and pets. These botanical oils do have a contact kill action with mosquitoes and also act as a natural repellent due to the botanical fragrances.

So how do we make natural products like these work their best in your misting system? By strategically placing the misters exactly where mosquitoes like to cluster and hang out.



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During the day, mosquitoes will cluster under your foundation shrubs and other plantings and under the eaves of your roof, away from the hot sun. So it’s important that we deliver the misting treatment to these areas that are tucked away in your landscape.


Want to stop mosquitoes before they even enter your property? By placing misters on the outside of your fence, we can help fend off these biting pests before they trespass!


When installing a mosquito mist system, we recommend you stick with natural products like Mosquito Steve. You can put you, your family and your pets at risk by using harsher chemicals. They can also kill many more beneficial insects and wildlife. If you’re interested in being proactive with mosquito prevention give us a call. In addition to providing a monthly mosquito treatment service, we also install and maintain mosquito misting systems in Dallas.

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