Rough Earth Snake

halleck_roughearthsnakeVirginia striatula

Rough earth snakes are small, secretive and stealthy! These small brown non-descript snakes are non-venomous and pose no threat to you, your family or pets. Their tiny mouths aren’t capable of injuring you in any way. They usually do a good job of hiding underground or under leaf cover, logs and other natural hiding places.

Rough earth snakes typically consume soft bodied insects and earthworms. While earthworms are very beneficial for our soils, if rough earth snakes are around, that probably means you have a good population of earthworms for them to feed on. They will also eat ant larvae, slugs, snails and roly polys (sowbugs, pillbugs). It’s best to leave these small snakes be unless somehow they’ve accidentally nested inside or under your home.