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Ben was born in Houston, Texas. He grew up in the Dallas area graduated from Horn High School in Mesquite in 2004. After graduating, he joined the army as a Blackhawk helicopter crew chief. He was stationed in South Korea and Ft. Lewis, Washington where he deployed to Iraq in 2007.

In 2011, Ben moved back to Dallas and attended the Aviation Institute of Maintenance. After working in the aviation industry for 3 years, Ben has now found a home at SafeHaven Pest Control. In his free time, Ben enjoys watching sports, playing guitar, and spending time with friends and family.

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“Our house was under a full military assault from black crickets and fire ants, I guess trying to find shelter for the winter. The technician came out promptly and started treating every crack and crevice that could hold or transport a cricket or fire ant. I admire his work ethic and skill. We were charged a fair price and were very satisfied (I think I would have paid double).”
by Anthony M. McKinney, Texas